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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Obama Rodeo Clown Banned From State Fair


Missouri, stand by your “First Amendment Rights. “The fact that the Obama rodeo clown has been banned from the Missouri State Fair for his comedic act lampooning the president is an affront to us all. Free speech is what makes this country what it is.

There was absolutely nothing racial about the act other than what a few meager minds decided to add to it. The climate of race relations in this country has hit an all time low and getting worse due to the ongoing drumbeat from race baiters and an irrelevant media.

Presidents are subject to being lampooned at one time or another during their administration. So why not this one. What makes Obama the “sacred cow.” Enough is enough. This president does not walk on water. In fact, in the current climate, Jesus Christ receives more criticism than this president.

The following is an excerpt of Newser’s story on the banning of the rodeo claim from Missouri’s state fair. This is what we as a nation have finally come to.

“The Missouri State Fair Commission has banned a rodeo clown who came dressed in an Obama mask on the weekend from ever performing there again, KDSK reports. The clown appeared during a bull riding event. Another clown reportedly played with the lips of the Obama mask, and the clown eventually had to jump aside to avoid a bull. Many media outlets reported that the show’s announcer asked the crowd whether “anyone would like to see Obama run down by a bull,” but the announcer’s attorney says that comment came from the clown too, the AP reports. Regardless, Show Me Progress says the audience was whipped “into a lather” by the performance. “I felt like I was at a Klan rally,” said one fair visitor…

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