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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Egypt on Fire as Bloodbath Continues


Violence continues in Egypt between the interim government and pro-Morsi supporters. As many as 149 have been killed by Egyptian security forces attempting to hold the line since ousting dictator Mohamed Morsi.

Morsi is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, and was set to institute Sharia Law in Egypt.

After the Arab Spring, Morsi became Egypt’s first “democratically” elected president. Shortly thereafter, in typical dictatorial fashion, Morsi granted himself unlimited powers. And Egypt has been wrapped in turmoil ever since. Instead of the peaceful “democratically” inspired government for the people, by the people touted by progressives in the West, what Egypt got instead was the making of the current firestorm.

In June 2013, mass protests erupted across Egypt calling for Morsi’s resignation, and Morsi was unseated.

Egyptians are fighting for the right to create their own destiny, and to stop the institutionalization of terrorism within their borders. They are to be commended as they fight the hard fight.

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UK Main Online reports that a British cameraman shot dead while reporting on Egypt for Sky.

  • Egypt’s interim government has imposed a month long state of emergency across the country today
  • Muslim Brotherhood has claimed that 2,200 have been killed today and more than 5,000 have been injured so far
  • Many of the group’s leaders have been arrested by police in Cairo including Mohammed al-Beltagi
  • The group has claimed that al-Beltagy’s 17-year-old daughter was killed in today’s violence
  • The Egyptian Health Ministry has put the death toll at 149 with 526 injured in a statement this afternoon
  • Snipers spotted on rooftops close to the two protest camps and reports claim that machine-gun fire has been heard
  • Violence is said to have spread outside of Cairo to Nile cities of Minya, Assiut and Fayoum where nine have died
  • Five people were also killed when protestors tried to storm a government building in Suez
  • It is thought that a church was firebombed and set alight in Minya, some 250km from Cairo
  • Travel advice for Britons is changed by Foreign Office, and EU, Iran, Turkey and Germany condemn violence
  • Foreign Secretary William Hague released a statement condemning the use of force to remove protestors
  • Tourist sites such as the Pyramids at Giza and branches of the Egyptian Central Bank have been closed today
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