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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Monthly Archives: August 2013

Ex-Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. is Sentenced to 30 Months in Prison

Jessie Jackson, Jr.

When you fall from grace, sometimes it’s a long way down. And thus, Jesse Jackson Jr., son of the Reverend Jesse Jackson, Sr., found out today when he was sentenced to thirty months in prison for the misuse of campaign donations. He also learned a very valuable lesson, bipolar disease is not a defense to stealing. ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ USA Today reports that former Illinois congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. was sentenced to 30 months in prison Wednesday for using $750,000 in campaign money for living expenses, clothes and luxury items. Jackson and his wife, Sandi Jackson, used campaign funds …continue reading

Egypt on Fire as Bloodbath Continues

Egyptian Bloodbath

Violence continues in Egypt between the interim government and pro-Morsi supporters. As many as 149 have been killed by Egyptian security forces attempting to hold the line since ousting dictator Mohamed Morsi. Morsi is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, and was set to institute Sharia Law in Egypt. After the Arab Spring, Morsi became Egypt’s first “democratically” elected president. Shortly thereafter, in typical dictatorial fashion, Morsi granted himself unlimited powers. And Egypt has been wrapped in turmoil ever since. Instead of the peaceful “democratically” inspired government for the people, by the people touted by progressives in the West, what Egypt …continue reading

Oprah Winfrey Says “Sorry” Over Switzerland Racism Flap

Oprah Winfrey

The Oprah is caught lying and then issues an apology. If you are a celebrity, and you go to the media with an issue such as this, why wouldn’t you expect a “media frenzy.” And if you are a celebrity, isn’t the name of the game — publicity, good or bad. Celebrities need notoriety, they thrive on it. Media attention is the life’s blood of the celebrity. But did Oprah need to go this far? Did she really need to do this? This flap only made her look foolish. And her apology after the fact only makes her look clueless. …continue reading

ObamaCare Rollout Hits Another Big Bump


Just another “big bump” on the road to Obamacare. Flag the year 2014 and watch a tremendous rise in your healthcare costs thanks to Obamacare. Not only will you be paying for your own healthcare, and for the healthcare for your families, you will also be paying for the healthcare of the president and his family; members of Congress and their families; Congressional staff members and their families; and members of our judiciary and their families. It doesn’t matter that every single one of them make a tad bit more money than most of us, and a lot more money …continue reading

Obama Rodeo Clown Banned From State Fair

Obama Rodeo Clown

Missouri, stand by your “First Amendment Rights. “The fact that the Obama rodeo clown has been banned from the Missouri State Fair for his comedic act lampooning the president is an affront to us all. Free speech is what makes this country what it is. There was absolutely nothing racial about the act other than what a few meager minds decided to add to it. The climate of race relations in this country has hit an all time low and getting worse due to the ongoing drumbeat from race baiters and an irrelevant media. Presidents are subject to being lampooned …continue reading

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