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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Diary of an Angry Black Man: Death to the Black Race


by Yvonne Cousar

There is a deep chasm between the black man and the black woman in America, and it’s growing. I recently had the dubious honor of being invited into a group of individuals that was comprised mainly of angry black men who espoused such a hatred of black women, the depth of which I find unfathomable.

I always knew there was a riff between the sexes, but I found myself taken aback by the total disconnect, specifically with this particular group of people who could just possibly represent a microcosm of the black community as a whole.  I had no idea that the black male/female relationship had reached such toxic levels, and I believe, at this point, that this relationship cannot be fixed.

While in this group, I saw black men making vile remarks about black women in general, using disrespectful and denigrating language.  They laid at the feet of “all” black woman, all the ills of the community, including high poverty rates, unemployment, incarceration of the black male, and even an increase in socially transmitted diseases, etc., the list goes on. In their minds, all of these problems have been caused by black women. I kid you not. This would be comical but for the fact that you have a large segment of black males handing down these belief systems to younger black males, so that these beliefs self-perpetuate. One, particularly vociferous man who repeatedly mocked the black woman as being the sum total of what a failed community looks like, was a single dad who was raising two young sons.

It is these angry black men, who want no part of any responsibility for the failures of the community, but have saddled the black woman with all of it. It is she who has destroyed the black community; he had absolutely nothing to do with it. The black male, or at least those in this group, have hoisted the decline of the black race upon her shoulders, and he is telling her that she must now walk her plight alone.

Was there ever a race of people where the men of that race felt such hatred for its women, and that race was able to survive? I don’t think so. No other race of men that I know of has voiced such disdain for their counterpart. I saw black men in this group express their hatred for “all” black women, and that hatred hinged upon some real or imagined wrongs they felt they had suffered at the hands of a black woman; she did not fulfill some specific need of his, so therefore, it is she who has failed.

I don’t see any road back from this. The future of the American black community looks very bleak indeed. I think you may even find this anomaly indigenous to the current American black culture, almost exclusively. I do not know of any other culture, excluding the Islamic culture, where the male species looks upon the female species with such disdain. And by this, I do not mean individually, I am referring to the entire species ‒ “all” black women as the men in this group stated. They hated “all” black women.

So now I’m wondering, where did the disintegration of the American black family, and thus the black community start? I would have to say that the slide, if not cause by, was exacerbated by the “welfare state,” and the Liberal/Progressive’s “final solution” for the black problem in America ‒ the destruction came from within with the tearing apart of the family unit, coupled with the advancement of abortions in the black communities across America. Let us not forget that the lack of personal responsibility within the black community has prevented individuals from fighting their way back to an independent state of being. The acceptance of government entitlements as a right is now engrained in the psychic of these individuals, and they now expect that they will be taken care of from cradle to grave.

Statistically speaking, 72% of black children are being raised in a single parent household, usually by the mother. Moreover, while black Americans represent only 12% of the population of the United States, they account for 35% of the abortions performed in this country. With these statistics, I do not believe it can be disputed that black America is a dying race.

“Fatherlessness, not white racism, is arguably the single greatest influence in preventing blacks’ rise to social and cultural parity with whites.”

Understanding this point is pivotal to understanding the decline of the black family, and thus the black race. Within this one quote you will find an indirect explanation of the high poverty rates, unemployment, incarceration of the black male, and even an increase of socially transmitted diseases, which I believe has been caused by the breakup of the family unit, children being raised with no guidance, children having children, and above all else, lack of personal responsibilities. This has become the 800 pound gorilla in the room, and no one wants to talk about it for fear of offending, so we continue to excuse the inexcusable. The government subsidized the breakup of the black family.  Fathers were forced out of the home so that the children could qualify for government assistance.  Welfare assistance turned out to be the latest and greatest shackles that have enslaved the black family for generations to come.  Government subsidy (“welfare”) was the lure; lack of personal responsibility was the lock. And now there appears to be no end to it.  It is a cancer that has strangled the will and the resolve of generations of people living in the inner cities.


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